We offer powder painting steel, galvanized, aluminum and cast iron.

We have modern equipment that enters the furnace with dimensions of 1200x1800x4000 [mm].

Paint attested quality paints, the leading European producers, selected as appropriate for the selected colours and structures.

The advantages of powder coating:

– high resistance to mechanical damage, corrosion, chemicals

– long durability coating – aesthetic and high quality of the obtained surface – process is environmentally friendly due to the lack of use of solvents and thinners

– possibility of recovery that are not embedded particles of powder

– wide range of colors, RAL and special colours in different structures and degrees of gloss powder coating.

Process brings with it many benefits and advantages which this technology is very popular.

In order to obtain the highest quality, the various stages of the process parameters and powder coating are individually selected for the material that is to be used, and demands by the client.

Depending on the needs of the client we prepare surfaces for painting chemical methods (digestion, degreasing, phosphating) and mechanical (shot blasting, sand blasting).

We also work with primary non cynkowniami and firewalls as well as paint elements of specialized primer zinc content, so we are able to better secure the element against corrosion.